About Maerketing

Maerketing is a digital marketing agency specialized in traction for digital products

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Eva Louise
Project Management

Eva is our travelling project manager, editor, and administrative backbone. Trained in business administration in Germany, she has lived extensively in Northern and South America.

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Till Carlos
Sales and Strategy

Till is the founder, CEO, and chief strategist of Maerketing. German born and raised he now spends the winters in Asia and the summers in Europe.

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Content Marketing

Aks is our young content writer and video editor in training from Bosnia who is fluent on what’s current on youtube and social media.

Social Media

Dannica is our team leader virtual assistance from the Philippines. She is fast in execution and a solid rock of reliability.

Content management



Mike builds our own lead generation software and scrapers.

What makes us unique

Over the years we have distilled down what works for us and for our clients.

We start with KPIs

Once we see your vision and goals, we can break them down to Key Performance Indicators. Then we work in a proactive dashboard to execute the tasks in a gamified way.

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We build systems and document them

We believe in working smart first, then work hard. Smart work means for us that we identify and establish systematic approaches.

This builds best practices and helps minimize the friction of repetitive tasks. All our work is translated into processes.

We work remotely

Our team page says it all, we are open to work with capable people from all sorts of backgrounds. We work with them because they deliver quality work and we all learn from each other.

We all have our home base but some of us opt to travel and work for certain periods of time. We can often be found in coworking spaces where we can connect with other global entrepreneurs and professionals - people like you.

We practice what we preach

We are innovating by building small tools and software products. One example is PhotoLove - a product that we incubated and now support with marketing.

Another example is an internal lead generation tool that we run in beta now. If you are a digital agency ourselves, reach out to get a demo!

Let's see if we are a fit!

Drop up a line and we have a look at your business.

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