The core is an interface with the facebook messenger that sends digital lessons directly to the students. Our backend offers insights and KPIs to direct the learning experience and find out more about the students.

Acquire new students

Send students directly from facebook into your system. We help you manage the campaigns.

The Maerketing Student Acquisition System works right in facebook messenger. It accepts leads from facebook or the messenger platform itself. Facebook is responsible for 40% of digital marketing spent, and it only seem so accelerate further.

With the Maerketing System you will be able to attract new students and then also vet them according to their skill level, location, and behavior.

All your photos online

Apply filters to your pictures, change settings and tag all your friends

Your files are always secured

We have the best security infrastructure available, your files will always be safe and we make daily backups

Access to your business on the go

Spacial has both a web app and an android app to make your website easy and always available. It offers you all the designs in collaboration with some smart people. Your projects will look great everywhere you go. Use new components that come included!

Spacial is an advanced theme solution for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It works in all browsers and your clients can pay instantly.

Our case study gives insight into data directly from our system